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quakerism; about


  1. a member of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian movement founded by George Fox c.1650 and devoted to peaceful principles. Central to the Quakers' belief is the doctrine of the ‘Inner Light’, or sense of Christ's direct working in the soul. This has led them to reject both formal ministry and all set forms of worship

i am a Quaker.

our central source of corporate testimony is Quaker Faith and Practice. this is a rich volume of wisdom - containing 300+ years of experience of what it is to be a Quaker.

and experience is crucial - Quakerism is 'experiential'. our own experience of the divine, of spirituality and our faith.

what do i experience? to me, God is like a feeling inside. i know it exists, because i experience it. i don't so much believe, because i don't have to. or maybe that feeling is belief? either way, i'm happy.

we worship in Meeting Houses - like this one at Brant Broughton in Lincolnshire:

we sit. in silence. waiting on the spirit or our own guidance to move us to speak. we stand, speak and sit. we are not answered or questioned. it's a safe space.

we have Elders, who care for the spiritual life of the Meeting. we do not have priests - all are priesthood. Overseers care for the pastoral life of the Meeting. Local Meetings are grouped into Area Meetings. i am a Member of Lincolnshire Area Meeting, and attend at Lincoln Local Meeting. Lincolnshire Area Meeting is part of Britain Yearly Meeting.

people ask google -

  • What are Quakers and what do they believe? Quakers are a diverse group of people, who believe a diverse number of things (we don't do creeds), but tend to subscribe to the Inner Light, that of God in everyone, and experiential knowledge

  • Are Quakers teetotal? i am, but it's not a rule - Quakers don't go for rules so much!

  • What does it mean to be a Quaker? it means we are seekers after our own truth, i think

  • What is a Quaker meeting? a meeting of people, searching and helping one another. a true community

any questions?

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